Roblox plans to expand the platform’s content with a full-length television event in September. For the first time on the platform, Roblox will air an entire episode of Bakugan: Geogan Rising within a virtual experience.

Episode 317 of Bakugan will premiere on Roblox one week before it airs on Netflix, reported by Forbes. There will be a Bakugan experience specifically created for the event. Similar to other Roblox events like Ready Player Two Roblox Q&A, players will gather in a virtual hub where the episode will air on a screen. During these events players can also move around the area, express emotes, and interact with each other within the space.

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Although this is the longest viewing experience to date (the episode should last around 22 minutes), Roblox is no stranger to live events. In 2020, Lil Nas X premiered a new song as a virtual music experience. And in 2021, artists such as Why Don’t We and Zara Larsson have projected concerts within their own virtual experiences.

Within all of these previous events, players were treated to in-game minigames that rewarded free Avatar items—cosmetic items that players can wear on their Avatars. Exclusive merch was also available for purchase within the experience.

While specific details are still unknown surrounding the Roblox/Bakugan event, we expect it to fall in line with the projected concerts, where the episode is projected onto a virtual screen while players interact with each other.

Bakugan is a popular anime franchise that follows the lives of mythical creatures (called Bakugan) and the battle brawlers that possess them. The franchise has developed multiple television shows, along with toys, games, card games, and more.

Premiering the platform’s first television event with a popular anime series makes perfect sense since the anime community is so large on Roblox. Games that combine multiple characters (across anime titles such as Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, Naruto, and many more) into a metaverse gaming experience remains extremely popular community. Some of the largest games on the platform include All Star Tower Defense, Anime Fighters Simulator, Your Bizarre Adventure, and many more that release on a weekly basis.

The next Roblox event will feature KSI, a popular content creator and rapper, for a virtual concert that celebrate the launch of KSI’s second studio album, All Over the Place. The concert is scheduled for Aug. 13 through Aug. 15. Players can redeem two free virtual items now.

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