Modifications in Roblox Titanage are essential for your titan slayer. These mods provide passive effects to your character that can increase everything from max health to grappling speed to damage output. Players can equip up to three mod slots in Titanage, and we recommend testing out as many mods together as possible. Mixing and matching mods can provide powerful builds unique to your player, thus helping you slay as many titans as possible.

Godly Mods

These mods are only available in Hard Mode and have a .0002% chance of dropping.

Midnight CloakTeleport to a titan’s nape if within 40 studs
Mod SpecialistActivate all effects of every rare and common modification
Titan ShifterShift into a titan. Press K to activate

Mastery Mods

These mods are only available in Hard Mode and have 0.5% chance of dropping.

AssassinRemain invisible for longer when Ambush is activated
Ballistic MissilesThunder spears receive increased speed and shorter cooldown. Side effect: there is a smaller explosion range.
Blade WorksAutomatically target a titan’s nape with blade throw
Fan the HammerUsing Quick Draw grants increased range. Strike 4 titans rather than 1
Medical MastermindReceive more XP when healing another player with bandages. Player healed receives full health
Nape TandemAfter a kill, dash kill to the nearest titan
Piercing BladesBlade throw strikes up to 3 titans
Spinning LethalityStrike more titans at once and Spinning Slash receives a shorter cooldown
Well PreparedPortable Supply Station offers more blades and gas

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Legendary Mods

These mods have a 1% chance of dropping.

58 Leaf Clover2x Chance of titans dropping Modifications and Accessories
Crippling LethalityInsta-Kill a titan when hitting a weak spot
Hit and RunKilling a titan grants invincible frames for 5 seconds
Last WillReceive one revive upon death. Mod is consumed upon activation
Scatter BladesCreate an explosion of blades when killing a titan
UnbreakableBlades never break
Wormhole WireReceive infinite grappling range
Ymir’s BloodIf grabbed, titan consumes you slower

Rare Mods

Players have a 29% chance of receiving a Rare mod.

Bigger CoilGrappling range increased
Blood ThirstyReceive some health after killing a titan
Double WhammyEffects happen again after a kill
Flash PistonGrapple latency is decreased. Grapple shoots out faster
Gas SuppressionLess gas consumed while grappling
Grab BagReceive 3x XP after a titan kill
MendingReceive a 50% chance of healing after a titan kill
Piggy BankTitan kills grant 5 cash
Quick ThinkingSkills receive shorter cooldowns

Common Mods

Players have a 70% chance of receiving a Common mod in Titanage.

AdrenalineDepending on the amount of titans in proximity, grappling speed increases
Armored PlatingMax health receives +50
Auto ReloadBlades automatically reload after breaking
Backup CanisterGas capacity receives +3000
Bigger ValvesGas speed increases
DumbfoundedTitan turns slower if they focus sights on you
Horse FeedHorse speed increases
Light WeightGrappling speed increases
Padded ClothingReceive more health
Refined BladesBlade receives a larger hitbox
Steel BonesInjuries are less likely
Victory SuppliesKilling a titan grants 1000 gas
Weightless BladesSwings are much faster

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What is the Mod Exchange Shop?

Every two hours Hange resets the type of mods she offers for purchase. Since there are so many mods and they aren’t available all at once, it benefits the player to check Hange’s mod exchange every couple hours. Hange’s mod exchange shop can be checked within Titanage on the board next to Hange, and there is always a timer counting down to the next mod reset.

Alternatively, players can bypass entering Titanage every time they wish to check the Mod Exchange Shop. This requires joining the Titanage Discord server, where the list of mods available at any time is always updated. Upon joining the Discord server, check the mod-exchange channel for the most recent update.

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