Titanage is an anime game inspired by the popular series Attack on Titan. Free-to-play on the Roblox platform, players enter shoes of titan slayers and must work together to fight enormous titans. There are modifications and skills to progress your player, and it’s highly recommended to work with squads under specialized roles. What kind of titan slayer will you be in Roblox Titanage?

Roblox Titanage Controls

AbilityKeyboard Control
Left GrappleQ
Right GrappleE
Double GrappleQ + E
Sheathe/Unsheathe BladesF
Reload BladesR
SprintW + W
Special Abilities1-8
Backpack` (key to the left of 1)

Roblox Titanage – Tips

How to Grapple

To grapple, stay within distance of buildings and press Q to Left Grapple and E to Right Grapple. Pressing space to jump before grappling should also provide an extra boost in the air. It’s best to shift back and forth between Left and Right Grapple to maintain flight in the air. Players can also shoot both grapples out at once by pressing Q+E simultaneously.

Just like the anime, grappling is an essential mechanic to learn as soon as possible in Roblox Titanage. Merely running around slashing titan feet is the quickest way to get stomped and sent back to the lobby with broken ribs and torn out eyes.

Be mindful of Gas

Every titan slayer is strapped with a gas tank to their backs, which is the main source of grappling. As you grapple, your gas tank will deplete, which is shown by the left meter on the left side of the screen. If you’ve completely run out of gas, it’s best to return to the lobby as soon as possible.

Reload Blades

If your blades suddenly stop working, that’s likely because they have broken. Every titan slayer comes equipped with at least three blades. To reload your blades, press R. Don’t press R unless absolutely necessary, becauseyour blades will still reload even if they are in perfect condition.

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