Roblox developers are on a roll with their Halloween events this year with no plans of slowing down anytime soon! Most recently, an event that was leaked back in July has now been confirmed via an early release Apple Play Store advertisement—the Spirit of Hallow’s Eve event. This event will feature a candy scavenger hunt that takes players through 10 Roblox experiences and ends with participants receiving a variety of spooky-themed rewards.

For multiple years Roblox has hosted an official platform wide Halloween event referred to as Hallow’s Eve, or BLOXtober, that draws in hundreds of thousands of excited participants. Since 2018 however, the last time that Hallow’s Eve took place, rumors have been circulating that Roblox made the decision to step away from ever creating their own Halloween event again. Now in 2021, these rumors have appeared to be proven half true.

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Though there’s no news on an official Roblox Hallow’s Eve event this year, Roblox has paired up with the popular North American restaurant chain Chipotle to create a new Halloween event—the Chipotle Boorito Maze. To make up for the lack of Hallow’s Eve content, popular developer MidnightKrystal has created her own Hallow’s Eve spin-off, the Spirit of Hallow’s Eve event, that will encourage players to have some frightening fun!

This event will begin on Oct. 31, 2021 and will continue until Nov. 30, 2021—allowing plenty of time for players to take part! Very little information about this event, beyond the date, has been released at this time—all that we can confirm in terms of which 10 experiences will be working with this event are Restaurant Tycoon 2 and Arsenal. Due to the low-profile release of this event, it’s unlikely that more experiences will be mentioned before Halloween.

In case you missed it, there’s also a free Pumpkin Black Cat Shoulder Pal item being promoted with this event that iPhone users can redeem from the avatar shop for a limited time! There’s also a Pumpkin Patch mask that can be claimed by anyone, regardless of device.

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