It’s no easy task to locate all of the chests in Diamond Beach when you play Roblox Royale High. That’s why we created this quick and easy guide that will help you find all of them! Read these simple tips below.

First Chest

The first chest can be found by starting in front of the apartment building. It is easy to find as it says APARTMENT in vertical lettering. Use fly mode to travel above the apartments and into the mountainous area. Once you reach the top of the mountains, you’ll see the first chest.

Second Chest

You’ll now fly over to the windmills on the side of the mountain. They are located close to the hotel, on the left. Behind the windmills, you’ll see trees where there also sits a pink flower meadow with a pink piano. The second chest will be right beside the piano.

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Third Chest

Leave the windmills and fly down the mountainous region to the pizza place. Behind the pizza place are a boardwalk and pier area. To the side of the pier sits a big pile of rocks. If you look there, you’ll find the chest in the middle of the rocks.

Fourth Chest

After you’re done retrieving the third chest, look down the stretch of the beach. You should see the lighthouse further down on the coastline. Either walk or fly towards the lighthouse. Right before you get there, stop at the gazebo that is lit by a fire. The last chest is there beside the palm trees.

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