Since Roblox CEO David Baszucki’s announcement that Roblox is set to undergo a corporate rebrand, changes both large and small have been found across the platform and on social media, with the most recent discovery being the removal of hundreds of blog posts from the official Roblox blog site. What originally served as a historic archive for Roblox players has now been wiped of all content that was posted before March 2021 and users are not happy. Influencer and active community member @LilyGia_ posted a video on Twitter announcing the takedown on Aug. 30, 2022, and players have since weighed in on their thoughts.

“This is just so sad,” said user @slendss. “A lot of the older blog posts made by @Shedletsky were just a blast to read for people who liked the old roblox aesthetic like me.” Another user, @Resyncable, expressed their frustration at the news by saying “This is wiping the entire legacy of the platform overnight. [I] cannot express how much of an insane L this is to literally wipe your roots away.”

Though Roblox has yet to comment on this situation and give an explantation as to why the older posts were removed, many users have already made their own assumptions.

“Roblox is only doing this to look more corporate,” stated user @SirArtemisM. “I’m telling you in the next five years they are definitely going to phase out of R6 and R15 avatars. They don’t want to be remembered as this kids lego platform, they want to be seen as this corporate company promoting the Metaverse.”

When Roblox announced their rebrand only a few days earlier, this was the same complaint that many users had—that the company was succumbing to monotonous corporate standards and making the platform feel like one big Metaverse advertisement, rather than a place to “power imagination” as it’s promised to do for over a decade.

In a reply to Roblox’s announcement tweet, user @insomniainsect stated “Older isn’t always better, but the fact that the old logo no longer fits Roblox just shows how far gone the game truly is. It’s a step in the right direction for their godawful modernized vision of Roblox and their beloved ‘Metaverse’ that’s for sure.”

For those wondering if it’s still possible to find the hundreds of posts that Roblox has deleted, the answer is technically yes, though not through Roblox itself. To many users’ dismay, not only has Roblox removed old articles from its featured blog, it’s completely removed them from the blog’s archive as well, meaning that there’s no way to access them officially through Roblox. Instead, users hoping to read these deleted posts must search for them through the informational website, Wayback Machine.

To use this website, simply paste or into the Wayback Machine’s search bar and press Enter. Upon doing so, the website will search its archives and retrieve any matching results, allowing you to view a variety of blog posts and screenshots that have been captured over the past ten years. Though not all of the blog posts can be viewed on the Wayback Machine, it still serves as a resource for those interested in sifting through Roblox’s now deleted history.

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