Roblox and Sony Music Entertainment announced a partnership that promises more music experiences on the virtual platform. Many artists that are signed with the music label will have opportunities for their own Roblox events following the success seen with Lil Nas X’s virtual concert and the Zara Larsson Launch Party.

The two previous performances were a big success for all parties involved. Back in Nov. 2020, over 36 million people watched Lil Nas X’s performance. And in May 2021 Zara Larsson’s launch attracted over four million visits, breaking the platform’s record for the highest recorded visits for a launch party on Roblox.

In addition to the live performances, both experiences offered free Avatar items like the Old Town Cowboy Hat and the Sleepy Pajama Outfit that players can permanently keep. Scavenger hunts, mini-games, and virtual merchandise were also available in each experience to keep players engaged throughout the events.

In addition to Lil Nas X and Zara Larsson, Sony Music is home to dozens of artists from a wide range of genres such as Marcin, Miranda Lambert, and Brockhampton. The next artists from Sony to appear in Roblox have not been announced at this time.

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This partnership appears in direct response to the ongoing lawsuit against Roblox, who is being sued by the National Music Publisher’s Association over claims that the gaming company allows copyrighted music on the platform.

While rejecting the accusations, Roblox quickly partnered with BMG, the world’s fourth-biggest music company, on June 17. This partnership intends to create more opportunities for artists and songwriters to legally appear and benefit from new revenue streams on the platform.

The Roblox/Sony partnership is the next effort on the gaming platform’s end to create more artist-centric experiences that “respects the rights of all creators and uses advanced technology to screen all uploaded music.”

At the very least, these partnerships are great news for music lovers who will be treated to more unique experiences on Roblox in the near future.

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