Overlook Bay is one of the more hotly anticipated games coming to Roblox in the near future. We’re taking a quick look at the known information on when it will be released. You won’t have to wait too long, because the game is looking more and more complete with every screenshot we get a chance to see!

When is Overlook Bay going to be free?

Overlook Bay is going to be free on Saturday, September 26th, 2020. This was delayed a bit longer due some problems with Roblox, but hopefully that will officially be the day that the game is available for free.

It looks like they’ve got things resolved and the game should be available for free on Saturday at 11:30am CST.

Overlook Bay Release Date

The scheduled release date for Overlook Bay is July 27th, 2020! The game was delayed by a few days, but hopefully this date sticks! This is the release of the beta, which will cost 25 Robux to play. If you don’t have Robux to spend, don’t worry! Once the game is out of beta it will be free to play, so you can still give it a try at a later date.

Overlook Bay is now available to play for 25 Robux! Play the game right here. Only play the Wonder Works Studio version of the game, you’ll see a lot of favorites on it. There’s a lot of scammers, the game is not free yet.

Before the game comes out, be sure to check out our Overlook Bay Pets post to see what kind of fun animals you’ll be able to adopt and play with! You can also find out about jobs and how to earn gems in our Overlook Bay Money Guide.

The release date was announced via this video showing off the new game with a bunch of details:

Overlook Bay Details

If you’re wondering a bit about the game, it’s going to be similar to Adopt Me, but looks to have quite a few more features! You’ll be able to adopt pets and take care of them, play mini games with your pets to level them up, purchase and customize homes, dress up in different clothes, explore the town, purchase vehicles and drive around, and you’ll be able to grow fruit, fish, and find buried treasure to earn gems!