As a surprise for most of its player base, Roblox’s Chief Product Officer Manuel Bronstein has announced that the development path of the Roblox will include a Spatial Voice Chat feature for select community members. According to his official statement, Bronstein says that this is a invitation-only beta test not available to the public.

Bronstein emphasizes three critical features for Spatial Voice Chat: communication that adjusts based on distance, communication that varies based on intention, and extensive measures to ensure the safety and enjoyment of in-game voice chat for all players. For players, these features can be simplified in the following ways: they will have options to adjust who you can talk to, what they can say, and a means to report those who might not be following the rules.

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They have not announced a date (or even a general timeline) for when this feature will be made available to all Roblox players, which likely means a full release is months away or more.

For those of us curious about what their wordy press release means, it can be summarized with the following statement: Voice chat is coming to Roblox, but no one knows when. With Roblox being a game that is targeted towards a younger crowd, we can expect it to take quite some time to ensure their safety is not threatened by including a feature where adults can communicate with them.

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