Roblox Islands, the sandbox crafting game that is heavily inspired by Minecraft, has received the new Spirit Furniture update. This patch brings a ton of quality-of-life changes along with some new items like the Spirit Bed and Spirit Lava Lamp. Vending Machines have been overhauled, and players can also find new Moss Blocks and Cobblestone. Apart from these, various bug fixes have been implemented to improve stability and gameplay experience. The patch notes were released on the official Islands Discord server.

Spirit Furniture Update Patch Notes – Roblox Islands

Spirit Bed & Spirit Lava Lamp

  • New crafting recipes have been shared with you by Spirit Merchant Catherine. Craft a Spirit Bed or Spirit Lava Lamp using various resources found on Spirit Island.

Vending Machine Overhaul

  • The vending machine experience has been redone with a new and improved interface
  • Improved clarity of vending machine state
  • Now easier to change settings
  • Added custom input
  • Added an Offline mode

New Mossy Blocks

  • Added Moss block
  • Added Cobblestone
  • Added Mossy Cobblestone
  • All blocks include slab and stair variants

Quality of Life Changes

  • Added a World Map button containing information for every island you explore!
  • Button can be accessed while in the Hub or Wild Islands
  • Your location is also displayed on the map when you are on the selected island
  • Trash cans now return items if the player exits the menu without discarding items
  • All projectiles are now smoother

Hub Changes

  • Replaced tooltips with proximity prompts for all merchants & villagers
  • The Maple Isles portal has been replaced with an NPC who will send you to the Maple Isles in her hot air balloon!
  • Livened up the Hub for those with graphics setting greater than 3!
  • Added new dialogue for Hub merchants Quinn and John

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with players getting stuck on the loading screen
  • Fixed an issue where players could not play the game if their islands were corrupted
  • Fixed Level Stats Menu not closing when opening inventory
  • Fixed villager dialogue not closing when opening inventory
  • Fixed Pirate Davey’s quest breaking when discarding pirate treasure maps
  • Fixed certain treasure nodes not giving players treasure when digging
  • Fixed the Breed Daisy quest not completing for Fulco’s main questline
  • Fixed issue with Quinn duplicating

Crop Market News

  • Potato prices have risen! (11→17)
  • Grape prices have just dropped! (22→18)
  • Farmer Cletus was recently heard whispering about coconut prices…

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