The Roblox Islands PVP patch has now been added to the game! This includes a PVP Island that you can visit where you can fight other players! You will be able to talk to the Mercenary Villager and get quests to kill, deal damage, and get streaks by defeating enemy players. There’s also now a Cactus Cropy you can get, which you can use to create the Cactus Spike Sword. The quest system has been revamped, there’s a new flower and a Pottery Bench. Vending machines now have a 10% tax on them, to hopefully discourage duped items a bit. There’s also a whole lot more that you can take a look at in the official update notes below!

  • PvP Island
  • Mercenary Villager + Quests
  • PvP Alpha Trophy (limited edition, obtained by completing mercenary quests)
  • Nomads have settled the city of Azarath on Desert Island
  • Cactus Crop
  • Cactus Spike Sword
  • Revamped quest system
  • Florist Villager + Quests
  • Added Daffodil flower (unlocked through Florist)
  • Added Pottery Bench which crafts flower pots (unlocked through Florist)
  • Vending machines now have a 10% tax
  • Increased vending machine max stack size to 300
  • Increased vending machine max transaction price to $1B
  • Added commas to vending machine display prices
  • Added direct input for vending machine price
  • Added “2x” deposit button to help with large prices
  • Crops now grow while you are offline
  • Desert Chest + Desert Furnace skins (Found from Azarath nomad quests)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the hub to be too bright during certain times of day
  • Fixed & improved skorp animations
  • Removed “Go Home” button in the hub on phones
  • Improved island load time (especially for slow computers + mobile)

PvP Island (ALPHA)

We’re testing out PvP throughout the weekend on the new PvP Island. You won’t lose items by dying. The portal can be found in the Hub!
The portal to PvP Island will be disabled on Monday. Make sure to complete the mercenary quests before then to unlock the PvP Alpha Trophy!

Vending Machine Balancing

Vending Machines have become a dangerously effective way to spread duped items and money throughout the game. In an effort to combat this, we’re introducing a 10% tax on all Vending Machine transactions. We also took the time to add some QoL features to vending machines.

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