When Roblox faces service disruption, or platform wide downtime, it can cause players attempting to access various experiences to run into Error Code: 529. These error screens can seem intimidating at times and often leave players wondering what they’ve done wrong. So how do you fix this error? Continue reading below to find out.

What is “Error Code: 529” and what does it mean?

Whether you run into An http error has occurred. Close the client and try again. (Error code: 529) or We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. (Error code: 529), a 529 error typically relates to the status of Roblox itself, not the individual user. This means that, oftentimes, the issue is much more widespread and is effecting more than just your device—players around the globe are likely running into the same issue.

To put it simply, a 529 error normally means that the Roblox servers are running slower than usual or are completely down.

How to fix Error Code: 529

Typically, this type of error can unfortunately not be fixed by the user—instead, your best bet is to regularly check the Roblox status page which monitors statuses across the entirety of Roblox and updates accordingly when issues occur. There are cases, however, where this error comes to you as a glitch. If you believe that your internet connection is causing the 529 error, we’d suggest disconnecting and reconnecting to your wifi and then restarting your router. Or, you could try logging out of Roblox, waiting a bit of time, and then logging back in.

If these methods don’t work, it’s likely an internal server issue that only Roblox can fix behind the scenes.

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