Roblox Bedwars custom lobbies are the best area to use and practice any weapon, as you can spawn any game items using commands. While most basic commands are well known, it is rare for players to be familiar with the command line for generating specific objects, as they may not know the correct name of the items. For example, the proper syntax to create a bee is /spawn bee_entity and not “bee” alone. So, here is a list of all the text line commands to generate all the game items and weapons in Roblox Bedwars.

All Roblox Bedwars Game item Spawn Commands

Game ItemCommand
Arrows/spawn arrow
Baseball Bat/spawn baseball_bat
Banana Peel/spawn banana_peel
Bee/spawn bee_entity
Bed/spawn bed
Big Wooden Sword/spawn big_wood_sword
Birch Log/spawn birch_log
Broken Enchantment Table/spawn broken_enchant_table
Brick/spawn brick
Carrot/spawn carrot
Cauldron/spawn cauldron
Clay/spawn clay_ any color
Chest/spawn chest
Chest(personal)/spawn personal_chest
Diamond/spawn diamond
Diamond Block/spawn diamond_block
Dirt/spawn dirt
Dode/spawn dode_entity
Duck/spawn duck_entity
Emerald/spawn emerald
Emerald Block/spawn emerald_block
Enchantment Table/spawn enchant_table
Feather Bow/spawn feather_bow
Glass/spawn glass
Grass/spawn grass
Hickory Log/spawn hickory_log
Ice/spawn ice
Impulse Grenade/spawn grenade_impulse
Iron Block/spawn iron_block
Lucky Drop/spawn lucky_block_trap
Marble/spawn marble
Marble Pillar/spawn marble_pillar
Melon/spawn melon
Oak Log/spawn oak_log
Redstone/spawn red_sandstone
Sand/spawn sand
Sandstone/spawn sandstone
Slate Brick/spawn slate_brick
Slime/spawn slime_block
Speed Boots/spawn speed_boots
Spruce Log/spawn spruce_log
Snow/spawn snow
Stone/spawn stone
Stone Slab/spawn stone_slab
Watering Can/spawn watering_can
Wood Sword/spawn wood_sword
Wood Plank/spawn wood_plank_oak/maple/spruce
Wood Pickaxe/spawn wood_pickaxe
Wool Blocks/spawn wool_white
Zipline/spawn zipline_base

Remember, you can generate multiple items of the same object by declaring the required quantity in the command. For example, if you need ten arrows, you can type the command as /spawn arrow 10.

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