Roblox Battles, also known as RB Battles for short, approaches its third anniversary with promises of large changes and ambitious plans—unfortunately however, the current anniversary date has been pushed back. What was originally rumored to occur in November of 2021 has now been moved to sometime early 2022 in order to help accommodate the RB Battles developers and give them the necessary time needed to complete the experience. As of now, the pre-existing RB Battles experience is fully private.

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The specifics surrounding season 3 of RB Battles remain under wraps, however considering the popularity and engagement that its predecessors received, it can likely be expected that season 3 will feature a tournament for Roblox YouTubers, along with additional interactive minigames for standard Roblox players to participate in. Continuing off of the assumption that season 3 will resemble season 1 and 2, the winner of the YouTuber tournament will receive a large amount of Robux and an exclusive RB Battles item.

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Previously, YouTuber KreekCraft won season 1 of RB Battles and was awarded with one million Robux and the Champion’s Swordpack avatar item, followed by YouTuber TanqR winning season 2 and being awarded with two million Robux and the Champion’s Swordpack 2.0 avatar item.

Though the news of this event being pushed back is disappointing for some, others see it as an opportunity for RB Battles to grow bigger and better than ever. The delay announcement tweet can be found below.

While we wait for more information, you can catch up on all that you may have missed on RB Seasons 1 and 2 by checking out the official RB Battles YouTube channel, Twitter, and Discord. If you haven’t seen the season 2 recap music video yet, we’d recommend that too! It can be viewed below.

Video via official RB Battles Youtube Channel

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