The drought has finally ended! Starting May 12, 2022, Adopt Me! will be receiving a much needed change of scenery with the addition of the Snow Weather Update. Once this update arrives, players will be able to unlock two new pets, the Albatross and Ribbon Seal, skate across the frozen river and enjoy playing around the entirely snow covered map. Get your gloves and earmuffs—it’s about to get chilly!

The official Adopt Me! Twitter account posted a video update on May 11, 2022 that showcases a variety of the new Snow Weather Update features in action, including a snowmobile-esque car, Igloo Shop, and more.

Of the two new pets, one can be purchased with Robux, the Albatross, and the other with 700 in-game Bucks, the Ribbon Seal. Unlike the Ribbon Seal, which only has one standard design, the Albatross comes in three variations, Normal, Gold, and Diamond. To try your luck at unlocking one of the special variations, you’ll need to purchase a Golden Clam for 199 Robux and throw it near the flock of Albatrosses. Each time that you throw a clam, there’s a chance that a Gold or Diamond Albatross will dive to get it!

Beyond the pets, there are also a handful of new accessories that can be purchased from the Igloo Shop, including what seems to be a blue and white trapper hat, a pair of blue and white wings, blue and white earmuffs, and possibly even more. Players can also purchase the Snowmobile Stroller, Tundra Exploration machine, and Tundra Violin.

If you miss the release of this update on May 12, don’t worry! The store will return on the 28th of each month until the next Adopt Me! update is released.

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