Following the success of their collab with the animated film Sing 2, Adopt Me! has teamed up with yet another animated film, Minions: The Rise of Gru, to bring more crossover attention to their experience. This time, however, rather than just earning a pet accessory, players who complete an in-game quest can obtain an entirely new, event-exclusive pet—the Zodiac Minion Chick. Though this pet can only be obtained while the Minions x Adopt Me! event is active, anyone who earns it during the time limit will be able to keep it, even after the event has ended.

Oringally announced on June 13, 2022, via Adopt Me!’s weekly Twitter news video, this collab is set to take place for two weeks, starting on June 16, 2022, and ending on June 30, 2022. Those who hope to obtain the Zodiac Minion Egg will need to join Adopt Me! during those two weeks before it’s removed forever.

Once inside of Adopt Me!, players looking to obtain the Zodiac Minion Chick will need to find and speak to young Gru on Adoption Island. Upon speaking to Gru, players will be asked to take care of a Zodiac Minion Egg. In order to hatch the Zodiac Minion Egg, players will need to raise the egg’s experience bar by completing chores and objectives. When the bar has filled up entirely, the Zodiac Minion Egg will hatch and reveal the Zodiac Minion Chick.

As mentioned above, this limited-edition pet will stay in the experience past the event’s closure, but the egg will not. Players who want to obtain this egg or pet will need to do so before June 30, 2022.

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