Roblox players can flex their artistic tastes with the Artsy Update additions in Adopt Me. Players can decorate the interior walls of their homes with posters and a huge collection of wall art. This update also includes summer-themed furniture sets and the Crooked House building.

To access the wall art in Adopt Me, you must remain inside your home. Press the Edit House button at the top of the screen and then press Stuff. This will bring up a list of interior decorations, categorized by theme. Find the Artsy category and press on it to view the wall art and furniture sets.

All Adopt Me Wall Art – Artsy Update

Wall ArtPrice (in Bucks)
Bat Friends$50
Camping with Sasquatch$50
Lazy Days$50
Ocean Friends$50
Owl Garden$50
The Petverse!$50
Shiba Fields$50
To the Stars!$50

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All Furniture Sets – Artsy Update

Furniture ItemPrice (in Bucks)
Bookish Book Case$45
Tree Lamp$95
Dog Table$120
Long Cat Wardrobe$125
Frosty Fridge$140
Banana Pet Bed$150
Toilet Water Bowl$150
Raincloud Shower$180
Tire Food Bowl$180
Box Trap Bed$180
Moon Crib$195
Sub Soba$250

Crooked House

The Crooked House is a jagged and wobbly house that arrived in the Artsy Update. The exterior is slanted every which way and has an old village fantasy feel to the design. The house can be purchased for $2,000 bucks. Just head to your mailbox in front of your house to purchase the building. Check out our How to get the Crooked House in Roblox Adopt Me guide for more detailed information.

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