The Roblox company has acquired Guilded, a social platform that connects gaming communities, for an undisclosed amount. Although Guilded will continue to operate independently, this acquisition is the latest effort to contain the Roblox community under one platform.

Guilded is most similar to Discord, one of the most popular social platforms for gamers. On Guilded, users may create and join servers for immediate interaction. The platform includes useful features like tiered voice/video chat, integrated calendars, and more.

Each server on Guilded acts as a dedicated community amongst likeminded players, be it for gaming tournaments or to connect players under one game. Many game developers also create their own server to provide immediate updates on the studio’s development process.

Many Roblox studios already use Discord for these purposes. While on the Roblox platform, click on any experience—Adopt Me, All Star Tower Defense, Jailbreak, etc.—and many studios include a Discord link that transports players directly to the studio’s social server.

In addition to studio/player interaction, players may also communicate with each other. Many players form friendships this way due to shared interests within the community, and they also form parties in-game after meeting each other.

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Despite the acquisition, Guilded is expected to continue operations independently from the Roblox company’s direction.

“Our mission is to connect gaming communities, and Guilded allows communities to connect and communicate in new and meaningful ways,” said Eli Brown, founder and CEO of Guilded. “We’ve been working hard on new features and improvements, and we remain focused on providing the best experience we can for all of our communities.”

This latest acquisition comes not long after users discovered the Roblox Talent Hub, an upcoming professional networking experience built directly on the Roblox platform. The Talent Hub is designed to help Roblox creators connect with one another more seamlessly for specific job duties, similar to other networking sites like LinkedIn.

Whether or not Roblox studios migrate from Discord to Guilded remains unknown. As of now, many studios have already formed passionate communities on Discord, so the migration to a new social platform might take quite some time for Guilded to take effect on the overall platform.

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