Our Risk of Rain 2 How-to Unlock Characters Guide walks you through the process of unlocking every single class in Risk of Rain 2! We’ve got a look at all of the available classes, and include information on unlocking them and what abilities each of them has.

As you play more Risk of Rain 2 you will likely want to change things up from time to time. You can do this by playing all of the various unlockable classes that are available. There’s some very unique characters in this bunch, they’ll have you either throwing spells around, planting turrets, or slice and dicing enemies with a sword! Whatever play-style you are looking to find, there should be a class available to satisfy it!

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Risk of Rain 2 Unlockable Characters List

There are currently seven available classes that can be unlocked in various different ways. Each class has their own unique skills and abilities, and can completely change up your play-style!


Rex can be unlocked by a small little quest. When you launch into a game, go behind your escape pod and you will find a panel. Open up the panel and grab the Fuel Array item. It will occupy your equipment slot. You now need to get to stage 4, up high in the level, there’s a some small land masses and one of them will contain Rex. Use the Fuel Array item next to his body and he will be unlocked!

Rex Abilities

DIRECTIVE: Inject: Fire 3 syringes for 3×80% damage. The last syringe Weaknes and heals for 30% of damage dealt.

Seed Barrage: Costs 15% of your current health. Launch a mortar into the sky for 450% damage.

DIRECTIVE: Disperse: Fire a sonic boom that pushes and Weakens all enemies hit. Pushes you backwards if you are airborne.

Tangling Growth: Costs 25% of your current health. Fire a flower that roots for 200% damage. Heals for every target hit.


Commando is unlocked by default and is the first character class you can play!

Commando Overview

The Commando is a jack-of-all-trades character that is reliable in all situations of the game.

  • Double Tap is powerful at both short and long range, firing quickly and activating many item effects.
  • Effective use of his Tactical Dive is key to dodging heavily telegraphed attacks.
  • Suppressive Fire can be used to repeatedly stun a single enemy, or stun a group.
  • Phase Rounds can pass through walls – use that to your advantage!

Commando Abilities

Double Tap

Shoot twice for 2×90% damage.

Phase Round

Fire a piercing bullet that hits all enemies in a line for 230% damage.

Tactical Dive

Roll a short distance

Suppressive Fire

Fire rapidly, stunning enemies for 6×100% damage.


MUL-T is relatively easy to unlock, and just requires you to complete the “Verified” challenge. The requirements for that are to Complete the first Teleporter event 5 times. That just means you need to get through the first boss and use the teleporter to get to the second level five times.

MUL-T Overview

MUL-T is an aggressive survivors who has the tools necessary for any job!

  • Auto-Nailgun has an extremely high damage output, but has a short range, making it risky but strong.
  • Transport Mode can be both a great tool to run down small groups of monsters, or pack a big punch against larger ones.
  • Blast Canister can lock down a large cluster of enemies for a long time, helping line up that perfect shot for both you and your allies.
  • Constantly Retooling can help eliminate fragile and weak enemies with Rebar Puncher while still keeping damage output high with the Auto-Nailgun.

MUL-T Abilities


MUL-T can hold two equipment at once. The active equipment is swapped by using Retool.


Rapidly fire nails for 60% damage. Fires six nails when initially pressed.

Rebar Puncher

Long range precision attack for 600% damage.

Blast Canister

Launch a stun canister for 220% damage. Drops stun bomblets for 5×44% damage.

Transport Mode

Zoom forward, gaining armor and speed. Deals 250% damage to enemies in the way. Deals more damage at higher speeds.


Switches his primary fire between the rapid Auto-Nailgun and a piercing heavy-damage Rebar Puncher.


Huntress is a pretty easy one to unlock! All you need to do is complete the “Warrior” challenge that requires you to “Reach and complete the 3rd Teleporter event without dying.”

Huntress Overview

The Huntress is an extremely mobile but fragile survivor with a high damage output.

  • Remember that Strafe can be uniquely be used while sprinting, allowing you to move at high speeds while still taking out potential threats.
  • Blink and Arrow Rain can be used to reposition closer or used as a dodge in a tight spot.
  • Laser Glaive will take out pairs of tough targets quickly as it bounces between the two.
  • Arrow Rain has extremely high damage output and also slows enemies inside, making it great for tough, fast enemies.

Huntress Abilities


Fire a seeking arrow for 150% damageCan be used while sprinting.

Laser Glaive

Throw a seeking glaive that bounces up to 6 times for 250% damage. Damage increases by 10% per bounce.


Disappear and teleport forward.

Arrow Rain

Teleport into the sky. Target an area to rain arrows, slowing all enemies and dealing 225% damage per second.


To unlock the engineer you will need to complete the “Engineering Perfection” challenge that requires you to Complete 30 stages. You don’t have to do 30 stages in a row, but 30 stages over all of your runs. This won’t take you too long if you are playing the game a lot!

Engineer Overview

The Engineer is a unique class that requires planning and positioning to be successful.

  • Placing mines ahead of time can help cover flanks and tight corridors.
  • The Engineer relies heavily on his Gauss Turrets – remember to place them in a location that is both safe and advantageous.
  • His Bubble Shield can be a powerful tool against heavily telegraphed boss attacks – and it can protect your allies as well!
  • Bouncing Grenades, while powerful, has a hard time hitting mobile targets. Try to keep your Turrets alive to deal with fast or flying monsters.

Engineer Abilities

Bouncing Grenades

Charge up to 8 grenades that deal 100% damage each.

Pressure Mines

Place a mine that deals 300% damage when an enemy walks nearby. Can place up to 10.

Bubble Shield

Place an impenetrable shield that blocks all incoming damage.

TR12 Guass Auto-Turret

Place a turret that inherits all your items. Fires a cannon for 100% damage. Can place up to 2.

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The Artificer is the Mage style class in Risk of Rain 2. You can unlock her by completing the “Pause” challenge, which requires you to “Free the survivors suspended in time.” You will need to collect 10 Lunar coins, this is a currency that drops from enemies and is kept even after you end a run. You will then need to head to the Bazaar Between Time, which can be found by randomly having it spawn after completing a teleporter and boss or by spending a Lunar Coin at a Newt Altar. A blue portal will appear next to the teleporter after you’ve charged it and defeated the boss. Once you go into the portal, head down the path and you’ll see a large Newt and next to it will be the Artificer locked in what appears to be some kind of stasis. Spend your 10 Lunar Coins and you will unlock the Artificer!

Artificer Overview

The Artificer is a high burst damage survivor who excels in fighting large groups and bosses alike.

  • Flame Bolt expends stocks quickly but recharges slowly – try to weave in basic attacks between skill casts.
  • Direct hits of Charged Nano-Bomb can turn the tide of an otherwise losing battle.
  • Frozen enemies are executed at low health, making it great to eliminate tanky enemies.
  • Remember that the Artificer has NO defensive skills – position and defensive items are key!

Artificer Abilities

Flame Bolt

Fire a bolt for 200% damage that ignites enemies. Hold up to 4.

Charged Nano-Bomb

Charge up a nano-bomb that deals 400%-1200% damage and stuns all enemies.


Create a barrier that freezes enemies for 100% damage. Enemies at low health are instantly killed if frozen.


Burn all enemies in front of you for 1700% damage.


The Mercenary is Risk of Rain 2’s melee class. To unlock the Mercenary, you will need to completed the “True Respite” challenge. This challenge requires you to “Obliterate yourself at the Obelisk.” To do that, you will need to open the Celestial Portal. You will need to watch your chat window, if you see the words “A celestial orb has appeared…” that means it will be active for that level. This seems to happen more often when you’ve looped through the levels (gone all the way through the stages and back to the early ones). There’s currently no specific way to make the portal spawn other than getting far in a run and hoping that you see the chat message. Complete the teleporter and boss which will spawn the portal. Head into the portal and make your way all the way down the level by jumping down and onto the platforms (if you fall, you will respawn at the beginning). You will eventually reach an Obelisk, which once you activate will end your run. Once you’ve completed that, you will have unlocked the Mercenary!

Artificer Overview

The Mercenary is a high skill melee survivor that uses his many dodges to wave in and out of combat.

  • Whirlwind’s air variation can be used like an extra jump in a pinch.
  • Getting repeated resets on Blinding Assault is key to increasing both survivability and dmaage output. However, you do not always need to try for resets. It may result in your death.
  • Remember that Eviscerate is an extremely powerful defensive tool to dodge telegraphed attacks.
  • Laser Sword deals a ton of damage in a wide area, which is unique for a basic attack.

Artificer Abilites

Cybernetic Enhancements

The Mercenary can jump twice.

Laser Sword

Slice in front for 130% damage. Every 3rd hit strikes in a greater area for 300% damage.


Quickly slice horizontally twice, dealing 2×200% damage. If airborne, slice vertically instead.

Blinding Assault

Dash forward, stunning enemies for 200% damage. If you hit an enemy, you can dash again, up to 3 total.


Target the nearest enemy, attacking them for 110% damage repeatedly. You cannot be hit for the duration.

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