We’re featuring all of the revealed cards from the first Hearthstone Rise of Shadows card reveal livestream! The first livestream of every Hearthstone expansion kicks off what has been termed “reveal season.” Reveal season has content creators throughout the community revealing cards at designated times as we slowly make our way to the release of the expansion. If you’re curious about the times of reveals, check out the list on the official Hearthstone website.

We’ve got three hosts for the livestream for this go around: Peter Whalen (Game Designer), Cora Georgiou (Commentator), and Chris Sierra (Community Manager). These streams usually reveal 10 or so cards, so we should get to see some pretty interesting additions to the game with this stream.

If you want to learn more about the expansion, check out our list of revealed cards or are complete guide!

Rise of Shadows Livestream Cards

The stream is over, check out the VOD or view the cards that were revealed below!

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