As you progress through the randomly-generated rooms of Returnal, one thing remains constant: the amount of Biomes required to complete. The more you improve at the game, the more new areas and terrors are waiting to be discovered.

There are six biomes total in Returnal, with five bosses to destroy. The further you delve into the mysterious planet Atropos, the more difficult your journey becomes. Each biome will test your bullet-dodging skills, so prepare to use everything you’ve acquired by the end of the game. Selene’s backstory will also piece more and more together with every new biome the player enters.

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The six biomes, in order, are as follows:

  1. Overgrown Ruins
  2. Crimson Wastes
  3. Derelist Citadel
  4. Echoing Ruins
  5. Fractured Wastes
  6. Abyssal Scar

Although most roguelite games spawn the player back to the very beginning, Returnal is structured different. Act One batches Biomes 1-3, Act Two batches Biomes 1-4, and Act 3 includes the Epilogue with additional freeroam elements.

You aren’t forced to complete all six biomes in a total run to beat the game. Once you’ve entered Act Two, your new respawn point will be Biome 4 until you’ve completed the act. If for some reason you wish to return to Biomes 1-3, you must complete Act 2, which will roll credits on Returnal. This should reassure hesitant players who might have read how difficult Returnal is, especially to roguelite newcomers.

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