If you’re still playing Return to Monkey Island, beware! We’re entering pirate territory full of SPOILERS, so watch out! Now that you’re warned, we can continue talking about that ending. Again… SPOILERS AHEAD! So, returning to Guybrush Threepwood’s story about adventures and having fun.

Return to Monkey Island Ending Breakdown – Casual & Hard mode

Return to Monkey Island is one of the best point ‘n’ click adventures in years, but it has a controversial ending. As you remember, the end of the game is anti-climatic, as the minute you find LeChuck beneath the Monkey Head, the game is over! No big fight with LeChuck, great speech, or professing love to Elaine. Suddenly, Guybrush finds himself in a pirate theme park run by Stan?!?

What does this even mean? The most logical explanation for this is simple – Guybrush was playing in a theme park all along! This explains why Elaine had no time for his adventuring, as he probably goes there every weekend. So, what’s the secret in Return to Monkey Island? It’s a t-shirt!

So everything you did was just a game; it literally didn’t happen. At least not in a way you’ve seen it, as Guybrush never left the theme park. At this point, you were probably confused, but when you think about it, the ending is heartwarming. It was a great story that Guybrush and his son both enjoyed, and that’s what it’s all about.

Return to Monkey Island is a story about enjoying the journey of playing (Monkey Island) games. It doesn’t matter that non of it is real, because it’s fun! This is a personal message from Ron Gilbert and his team where Guybrush’s adventures represent developers’ life journeys, while the kid symbolizes a new generation of fans. It’s not what you might expect, but it’s a nice way to say that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. So, it’s not just a stupid t-shirt, it’s a lot more.

Is there an alternative ending in Return to Monkey Island?

If you were wondering if there is an alternative ending in Return to Monkey Island, the answer is yes! Actually, there are two other possible endings in the game, and one is not that great. The only way to die in the game is by drowning. Guybrush can hold his breath for 8 minutes, and if you don’t want to get out, you’ll drown. You’ll find out that he died adventuring and had no children.

As for the other ending, it’s not really an ending, it’s more like saying the game never ends. When Stan hands you the keys to the theme park, go to the back alley and unlock the door from where you came. You’ll return below the Monkey Head, where you can stay forever, or until maybe Elaine comes after you.

Will there be another Monkey Island game

At the end of the game, Eleine tells Guybrush that she found the lost map of the treasure of Mire Island. Threepwood sits there for a while, enjoying the moment. Is that a clue? Will there be another Monkey Island game? By looking at Guybrush, you can tell he’ll always be that enthusiastic adventurer we all know and love. There’s hope there will be a new game, right Ron Gilbert?

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