If you are looking for how long it takes to beat Resident Evil Village, you have come to the right place.

How long does it take to beat Resident Evil Village? 

If you are looking for how long it takes to beat Resident Evil Village, the answer is unclear as we have yet to receive an exact estimate of the amount of playtime. However, according to an interview with Offical Playstation Magazine Uk, the producer of Resident Evil Village, Peter Fabiano, explained that the game would be longer than the last one, Resident Evil 7. 

That being said, our best estimate for Resident Evil Village’s exact playtime will be something along the lines of 14 to 20 hours of playtime. This is because the last game, Resident Evil 7, took on average of around 10 hours to beat, so taking this into account with Mr. Fabiano’s words, the eighth game should be slightly longer. 

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Resident Evil 7, also had multiple endings, so if the same is to be said of Village, you could also chuck a few more hours into the mix. However, the best estimate would still be 14 to 20 hours, plus the time will vary from player to player. 

Along with this, if you were to go after secrets and other side content, the amount of content and time to beat the should double depending on player skill. 

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