In Fortnite Chapter 3, the quest Receive your next objective in Covert Cavern is hidden inside a literal mountain. That may sound intimidating but below, we have the location and instructions on how to complete the questline completely.

How to complete Receive your next objective in Covert Cavern

The first thing you need to do is land through the hole on the northern side of Covert Cavern, which is located on the western edge of the island. The yellow marker at the top of the map below indicates a specific location.

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As you approach, head to the northern side of the mountain. The entrance is shown below. The scientist will contact you once you land on the topmost platform. This completes that part of the quest and starts the Eliminate IO Forces part of the questline.

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How to complete Eliminate IO Forces

To complete this next quest, all you have to do is kill one IO guard. They’re all over, just walk in any direction for a few seconds to find one. Pick up the keycard from the IO guard after he has been killed, which will start the Drop off the Data Card at a Dead Drop.

How to complete Drop off the Data Card at a Dead Drop

Now you can drop it off at the location marked on the bottom left in the map above. Even though it is a long walk, you can still reach the next location within a single game session.

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There will be an open stump at the tree’s base right at the marker. You need to interact with it to complete the quest.

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