Squid Game and Roblox are no strangers to one and another. Since Squid Game made a huge splash when released on Netflix back in September, the Korean drama became the internet’s new favorite show. With over 100 million people watching it, it was only a matter of time before that obsession hit Roblox.

The show is about hundreds of debt-ridden people signing up to be part of series of playground games to gain money. Except the twist is that the games in Squid Game are for life and death. In Roblox, players can create any game they want, and there have been several games made in Roblox based on the Netflix mega-hit. The most popular is the Roblox Squid Game made by the development group Trendsetter Games.

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Roblox and Squid Game may intermingle some more, though, based on the official Twitter account for the Roblox championship event. The account tweeted out a question if anyone will be down for a Squid Game Youtuber tournament. 

This isn’t an official confirmation that a Squid Game Tournament will happen. It just means that people in charge of tournaments and other similar events are asking around if people are interested. They are probably testing the waters before anything concrete can be decided. Until any more information is revealed, it is all speculation.

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