If you’re looking to unlock every weapon in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, you’ll need to do more than save up a multitude of bolts. There are several weapons that aren’t even available to players on their first playthrough.

One of these weapons is the Bouncer. Players will need to start a Challenge Mode playthrough to access several of the game’s wacky weapons. Challenge Mode is unlocked when players complete the game for the first time. Once players have beaten Rift Apart‘s campaign, they’ll be able to choose the complete file to boot up Challenge Mode.

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After playing the game’s introduction, Ratchet will find that Mrs. Zurkon has several new tools of destruction available for purchase. One of these weapons is the Bouncer, a grenade launcher previously unavailable to Ratchet and Rivet. This new weapon can be purchased for a single bolt from Mrs. Zurkon.

Those looking to grab every weapon in the game will want to keep their eyes out for the Pixelizer as well, the game’s other Challenge mode exclusive weapon. Those who preordered the game or procured the launch edition of Rift Apart will have received an early unlock, but the weapon is also available to those who didn’t buy on release.

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