Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest addition to the famous Rainbow Six franchise, and while it shoulders the Rainbow Six name, the game comes with several new challenges and enemies for players to face. The Archaeons are formidable opponents that users must defeat as they progress through the story, but knowing how to deal with them is key to survival.

We’ve listed several tips that any new player should keep in mind when playing Rainbow Six Extraction for the first time.

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Stick with your Squad

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Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction are most effective in a group. Try not to run off your own, as doing so makes you an easy target for Archaeons who can pick off solo players. Your allies can cover your blind spots with various special abilities and REACT tech. Teams are better suited to handle surprise attacks and hordes.

Use Stealth Whenever Possible

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While sneaking around the maps of Rainbow Six Extraction may take a bit longer, it will save you from many risks when completing your objectives. Alerted Archaeons are much tougher to take out, as they will scream to summon their allies to fight. If you can take Archaeons out silently, do so as often as possible. Crouch walk behind your enemies, and you’ll get a takedown prompt if you remain unseen, giving you a chance to kill them instantly.

Destroy Nests

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As players explore the maps in Rainbow Six Extraction, they’ll notice large red masses around the facilities they find. These bulges are Nests, and if you don’t destroy them, Archaeons will spawn continuously. Destroy these as fast as possible when you see them. Remember that Nests can be eliminated with a stealth takedown, like Archaeons, silently approaching them.

Communicate with Teammates

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One of the most critical aspects of Rainbow Six Extraction is communicating with your fellow Operators. Did you see a particularly strong-looking Archaeon in the next room? Ping it so it doesn’t take your allies by surprise. Are you low on ammo? Give your team a heads up so they can cover you while you search for more. It may seem inconsequential to keep others informed of your status, but it could be the difference between finishing a mission and failing it.

Use REACT Tech to Get the Upper Hand

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One of your most essential tools in the field is REACT Tech. These special weapons and items give Operators an edge in challenging situations. Some gear, like Body Armor, helps players defend themselves from damage while the Smoke Bomb shrouds the area, making stealth takedowns possible on alerted enemies. Find out what gear allows your team to perform the best in battle and use it as often as necessary.

Find an Operator for your Playstyle

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Rainbow Six Extraction has 18 different operators to choose from, each with its weapons, abilities, and strengths. Experiment with each operator to see which character gels best with your playstyle. For example, if you prefer using a healer, try picking Doc and learning how he performs and do your best as a support player.

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