It’s no secret that Triangle Strategy loves to info dump tutorials onto the player, and these so-called Quietus Points (QP) is one of them. Today, we’ll briefly go over what they do, where to use them, and how to get more.

What are Quietus Points?

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QP are the number of free moves you can take in battle. They’re consumed by using Quietsuses or skills that can be used on any unit on your army. Below are some examples of Quietsuses.

  • Restore: Recover an ally’s HP by 50%, heal their status ailments, and restore their lowered stats to normal.
  • In Tandem: Move an ally’s turn to directly after your own.

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Quietsuses can be used on any of your turns. Press the minus (-) button to see them. Every Quietsus can only be used once per battle. In short, you need as many QPs as the number of Quietsuses you own.

How to get more Quietus Points

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QPs aren’t earned naturally. You’ll have to purchase Quietus Point+s from the Sundry Shop in your encampment. Quietsuses can also be purchased from the Sundry Shop. The Sundry Shop uses Kudos as currency.

Kudoses can be earned by doing exceptional things in battle, like back attacking, hitting enemy weaknesses, and attacking from higher ground. One Kudos is earned per maneuver.

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