PUBG Mobile just came out with a big update that brings out an exclusive new map called LIVIK. It’s a map based on the realistic style of Nordic terrain. You can battle with 52 players on a 2km x 2km area, which is smaller than usual. There’s some exclusive weapons that can be found only on this map as well. You can locate a SMG P90 and a Marksman Rifle MK12. Not only that, there’s a new Monster Truck that can tear through the terrain.

Other updates include a new feature in the Team-up Platform that allows you to find teammates quicker. Cheer Park has been updated with a new arcade and quick draw scenes. There’s some new TDM features coming soon that include gun game, and a library mode! Read more details on the update below.

New Livik Map Update Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for the 0.19.0 update!

The World’s Most-Downloaded Mobile Game

The Most Original Battle Royale Experience


New Exclusive Map: LIVIK

  1. Exclusive original map that has a realistic style and offers an epic experience in a Nordic terrain!
  2. 52 players battle each other in a 2km x 2km map, making for a faster and more exciting experience!
  3. Be the winner in 15 minutes!
  4. Evolve your strategies with the changing terrain and enjoy the thrill of strategic competition!
  5. Use the map-exclusive SMG P90 and Marksman Rifle MK12 for an exciting battle experience!
  6. Experience the thrill of obstacle-free driving on all terrains with the map-exclusive vehicle Monster Truck!
  7. LIVIK is a Classic Mode map that increases your Classic Season Rating.

LIVIK is still in the BETA stage, so we will continue to improve it for the best visual and gaming experience.


Team-up Platform

The Team-up Platform is an all-new feature that allows players to find suitable teammates quickly. Voice recruitment has also been provided according to the voice requirement.

  1. Detailed information: Display the player’s KDA, Top 10 %, tactical style, etc., as well as recruitment information like the team’s strategy and objectives.
  2. Find the right team: Idle players can view the recruiting teams based on the selected mode, language, etc. Supports quick joining, fine-grained filtering, and manual refreshing.
  3. Recruit fitting teammates: Recruitment that supports fine-grained requirements. Players focus on their team information page when creating or joining teams. Supports viewing and inviting idle players in the lobby.
  4. Voice recruitment: Voice recruitment teams are only visible to players who have selected voice recruitment. After sending out a voice recruitment, the recipient is invited to converse in real-time with the host. If both players are satisfied, they become teammates. Similarly, if a player selects voice recruitment, they must perform a real-time voice conversation with the leader before joining a team.


  1. New Arcade and Quick Draw Scenes
    1. Added a new trench in the Shooting Range to prevent other players or vehicles from blocking targets.
    2. Added new Cheer Park features and scenes: added a launcher and hot air balloon in the Cheer Park, and a barrier zone next to the Shooting Range so that Quick Draw players can choose freely which to use.
  2. New Firearm-specific Quick Draws

Added firearm-specific Quick Draws. For an Assault Rifle Quick Draw, both players get the same (randomly chosen) assault rifle, which is the only weapon that can be used to deal damage during the Quick Draw.


1. New TDM: Team Gun Game

Team Gun Game is a 4v4 match. The starting weapons are the same but can be upgraded by defeating opponents. The winner is the first team to use the final weapon, Pan, to defeat the opponents, or the team with the highest score when time runs out. Enjoy exciting clashes!

2. New TDM: Library

  1. Attack and defend in the first-ever indoor map, with a symmetrical layout and three assault routes: left, right, and center.
  2. Take positions on platforms, in doorways, or behind bookshelves depending on your weapon. This gives players with weak weapons a fighting chance.

3. New attachment: Barrel Extender

The new muzzle attachment can be used with the vast majority of Sniper Rifles, Rifles, and SMGs. It increases the firearm’s effective range and reduces the damage reduction of bullets due to distance.

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