Psychonauts 2 is a platformer filled with creative and crazy bosses, and the Die-Brarian is no different. It’s Raz’s most formidable fight up to this point, so it’s important he takes the proper precautions when facing her.

Follow this step-by-step guide to take down the towering Die-Brarian and free Cassie O’Peia from her mental struggle.

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Phase 1:

  • The beginning of the first phase starts with several minions spawning, including an Enabler that will make the buffed enemies immune to damage. Dispose of these enemies before picking up items and chucking them at the Die-Brarian.
  • Watch out for her letter casting attacks. When she opens books, letters fly towards Raz dealing damage if they make contact. Evade and wait for Writer Cassie to toss a pen onto the ground. Once she does, pick it up and throw it at the Die-Brarian to deal a large amount of damage, stunning the boss simultaneously.
  • Once the Die-Brarian is stunned, spawn a projection at the gate on her and command it to climb inside so that Writer Cassie can work on the Die-Brarian from within.

Phase 2:

  • With Writer Cassie inside, the Die-Brarian wakes up and spawns another set of minions. Take them out and evade the letter casts.
  • During phase two, the boss will add an attack to her arsenal that sends books barreling down from from the ceiling. Watch out for books falling from above by avoiding shadows, as they indicate where the books will fall.
  • The Die-Brarian will also add a shush attack to her kit during this phase that sends Raz barreling towards the edge of the platform and towards the water. Run into the wind to prevent Raz from falling off stage.
  • Eventually Teacher Cassie will spawn a ruler, pick it up and throw it at the Die-Brarian. It’ll take time to stun her again, so be ready to toss other objects at her and an additional ruler if necessary to make her fall.
  • Spawn the projection once more when the Die-Brarian falls and send it inside to open up the way for Teacher Cassie to infiltrate the boss.

Phase 3:

  • Phase three begins with another set of minions, but the Die-Brarian attacks while they’re active. Take care of the minions before focusing on the boss.
  • Toss projectiles at the boss once they’re down while you wait for Counterfeiter Cassie to drop a blade that Raz can toss at the Die-Brarian.
  • Chuck the blade at the boss to whittle her health down. She won’t be stunned immediately this time, so be prepared for another onslaught once she’s hit.
  • More minions will spawn, and the Die-Brarian will rain books down once more. Focus on the minions before turning attention to the boss again.
  • Keep tossing objects and blades are her until she falls one last time.
  • Spawn Raz’s projection and lower the gate so Counterfeiter Cassie can enter the Die-Brarian and end the fight with the aid of the other Cassies.

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