If you want to level your Electrical skill in Project Zomboid, you will need to start off small and dismantle radios and other electronics. But, before you can get to dismantling, you will need to make sure you have the right tool. 

You can find out what tool you need to dismantle an object by hovering the cursor over the dismantle button on the object. 

For most electronics, the tool you will need is a screwdriver. Luckily, screwdrivers can be found in hardware stores, vehicles, and storage crates inside warehouses. 

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Once you find a screwdriver, you will be ready to dismantle electronics. When you dismantle electronic devices, you will slowly add points to your Electrical skill. Keep dismantling, and you eventually reach the point where you will gain a level in the skill.

Eventually, if you level up enough, you will be able to craft electrical items like radios and level up your Electrical skill. But until then, your primary method of raising the Electrical skill is by dismantling, and luckily there is a way to make dismantling give more XP. 

How to level up Project Zomboid Electrical Skill Fast 

If you want to level your Electrical skill faster through dismantling, you will need skill books. Certain skill books will give an XP boost to specific skills. So if you read a book for the Electrical skill, you will gain more XP when you dismantle objects.

That said, if you want to gain a boost from a skill book, you will first need to find one. You can find skill books by searching houses in the game. Often inside these houses, there will be bookcases and shelves that will contain skill books. 

Find a skill book for the Electrical skill, and you will be all set to begin farming levels in the Electrical skill. 

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