Roblox Project Slayers is a role-playing game inspired by the Demon Slayer anime. You can do many activities in this world alone, but it’s much easier to navigate this dangerous world if you join a clan. In Project Slayers, the best clans give you significant bonuses to speed up your progress, so choose them wisely! Here’s the tier list of all clans in Project Slayers.

All Project Slayers Clans Tier List

SAgatsuma, Kamado, Kocho, Tomioka
AKanzaki, Shinazugawa, Ubuyashiki, Urokodaki
BHaganezuka, Kanamori
CKaneki, Nakahara, Terauch
DAndo, Bakugo, Fujiwara, Fukuda, Haruno, Hashimoto, Ishida, Izuku, Kurosaki, Mori, Nishimura, Onishi, Saito, Sakurai, Suzuki, Todoroki, Toka

Best clan bonuses in Project Slayers

Some of these clans are very rare, so consider yourself lucky if you discover the ones from the top. As there are a lot of clans, expect some changes in ranking if some clan abilities prove more dominant than others.

Agatsuma clan

  • If you want more quickness, this is a clan for you! As a member, you’ll get God Speed Mode ability, which gives significant buffs and increased speed.

Kamado clan

  • Kamado is one of the most popular clans because of its abilities like Pain Resistance, Indomitable Will, and Sunlight resistance (if you want to become a Demon without a hat).

Kocho clan

  • Kocho clan will help you by giving you venomous abilities such as immunity to poison attacks and Poisonous Body.

Tomioka clan

  • Tomioka clan members can be very tough to beat thanks to abilities such as Pain Resistance and Indomitable Will.


  • Shinazugawa clan members really don’t like demons. They have a passive ability that slows down demons when they try to drink their blood and removes half of the demon’s hit points. If that’s not enough, as a member, you’ll get Pain Resistance and improved Regeneration.

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