Project Slayers is a detailed RPG game on Roblox themed around the anime series Demon Slayer, allowing players to jump into the experience as their customized character and explore the open world. There are so many things to discover all around the landscape, from different fighting styles found with various trainers, unique NPCs with special quests, and powerful enemies to defeat. While you may choose to venture blindly, all players are given a map to help them find their way more easily.

Here’s how to use your map efficiently. We also have a full control list in Project Slayers.

How to use your map in Project Slayers

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To open your map, select the icon from your toolbar by clicking with your mouse or by pressing the hotkey number shown above it. This map won’t look like other maps you’re used to. It will open a menu with all the possible locations in the game and have a compass used to guide you toward them.

How to use your compass in Project Slayers

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To use your compass to find a location, select one location and press Equip. The red arrow on your screen will guide you directly to that location. However, to use your compass to find an area, you must have it unlocked. Otherwise, you will be on your own in locating it.

How to unlock your compass for locations in Project Slayers

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You need to have Map points to unlock compass direction for locations. You will start the game with two free points, but after those are used up, you will need to purchase more. You can buy points either by spending R$ 75 or using 1,200 Wen. To unlock a place, press on the one you want and click the Unlock button. You will then be able to equip it, and the arrow will show the way.

All locations and POIs in Project Slayers

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These are all the crucial locations and points of interest in the game that can be found using your map.

  • Kiribating Village
  • Zapiwara Cave
  • Zapiwara Mountain
  • Ushumaru Village
  • Kabiwaru Village
  • Butterfly Mansion
  • Waroru Cave
  • Abubu Cave
  • Wind Trainer
  • Slasher Demon
  • Final Selection
  • Dangerous Woods
  • Ouwbayashi House

This is how you can efficiently utilize your map in Project Slayers to find locations. Perhaps you like to explore freely and see the sites this way. Let us know your preferred travel methods in the comments below!

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