Total Concentration Breathing is a title/ability that allows players to hold their breath for long periods than the default meter. Dealing more damage through your Breathing style and winning fights regularly against enemies. To get this handy Concentration Breathing ability, you will need to improve your Breathing by using Gourds and reach level 3.

Where are the Breathing Gourds in Project Slayers?

You can find the Breathing Gourds inside the Butterfly Mansion on the Eastern edge of the map. It is very far, and the best way to reach the mansion is to fast-travel by paying the Horse Guy.

What are the types of Breathing Gourds in Project Slayers?

There are three types of Breathing Gourds in Project Slayers.

Gourd TypeCostBreathing Progression Points
Small2003 Points
Medium45010 Points
Large70036 Points

All Levels in Breath Training

As mentioned earlier, you will need to reach level 3 in your Breathing parameter stat to get the title.

Note: To see your Breathing stats, you need to buy the game pass.

  • Level 1(Weak Lungs): You start from level 1 and will have a Breathing limit of 75. You can reach level 2 by acquiring 180 Breathing Progression points using guards.
  • Level 2(Good Lungs): After reaching level 2, you will get the Good Lungs title, and your Breathing limit will climb up to 95. To reach level 3, you will need 360 Breathing points.
  • Level 3(Total Concentration): In Level 3. you will have a Breathing limit of 115.

So, roughly, it will take 15 Large Gourds for any beginner to reach level 3 and get the Total Concentration title.

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