In Call of Duty: Warzoneplayers frequently find themselves competing and dueling over control of Bunkers to get the gear inside. However, some people are surprised to find that even if they maintain control of the point, there is a code to enter many of these bunkers.

One of these bunkers is the Prison Bunker, which can be located using the map in the image below on the left. It is stationed in the southeastern corner of the map, directly south of the large path of farmland.

Entering a code into a bunker in COD Warzone

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When you reach the bunker, you’ll find you’re able to go inside, but a pin pad is blocking off most of the bunker. This pin pad is where you will enter the codes above to grab all the loot waiting for you inside. An example of it can be seen in the image above on the right. The code for the Prison Bunker is 72948531.

Enter the code into the pin pad and gain access to all the gear inside!

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