No game is immune from a bug or two. Bugs have been around since the birth of programming. Dependent on a number of factors, there could be any number of bugs or bizarre behaviors encountered in a title. PowerWash Simulator is no exception to this rule.

PowerWash Simulator Keeps Crashing

At the time of this writing is relegated to the Xbox version of the game. Due to how the lens flare effects operate in the game, if a player looks at the sun in the game will cause it to crash. So, as silly as it may sound, we strongly advise against looking at the sun if you’re playing on Xbox.

Other potential issues can typically be resolved by following some basic troubleshooting steps.

  • Close the game and relaunch it.
  • Reboot the console or PC
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game

However, if an issue persists, it’s always best to check sites like GameTips.PRO or any community forums for more information. Odds are very high that you’re not the only one running into the issue and others may have found a solution if the developer hasn’t addressed it yet.

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