Pokemon Unite is the first-ever Pokemon MOBA and puts a new spin on the franchise. It was released on July 21 for Nintendo Switch with the promise that it would also be coming to mobile. The planned release date for iOS and Android is September 2021.

Along with launching on mobile, Pokemon Unite plans to feature both cross-play and cross-platform. This means players can play on their Nintendo Switch and their mobile devices and maintain progress no matter where they play. Cross-play allows players to battle against their friends and strangers regardless of which platform they prefe

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While mobile players wait for Pokemon Unite, they can do a few things to make the transition from download to playing smoother. They can go ahead and create both a Nintendo Account as well as a Pokemon Trainer Club account. Having one of these accounts is necessary for Pokemon Unite to track your game’s progress through multiple devices.

Not much is known if there will be any significant differences between the Nintendo Switch version and mobile versions. Once an exact official release date is announced for Pokemon Unite on mobile, it is assumed more information on the two versions will also be announced.

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