Gengar is a popular Pokemon as it was the first ghost-type and the only ghost Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. As a result, it is a popular pick. But, in the first major update for Pokemon Unite, a new bug has appeared that makes Gengar broken.

This bug specifically targets Gengar’s move Hex. Normally the move teleports Gengar to an enemy and deals damage, an increased amount if they are afflicted by a status condition. This bug causes this move to deal no damage almost half the time it is used. This is especially bad as there are a limited number of moves available to each Pokemon.

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The move still allows Gengar to teleport, but upon appearing deals no damage. Further, the cooldown reduction on attacking a foe with a status condition also doesn’t successfully trigger each time the move is used. Timi has already since recognized this bug and is working on fixing it. Players were met with a message stating this upon booting up Pokemon Unite.

The developers behind Pokemon Unite have shown that they are listening and trying to improve the game as they have already sent out surveys asking for player feedback. Once Timi fixes this bug, players can go back to haunting the opposition with Gengar as normal.

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