The Grass and Ghost-type Pokémon, Decidueye, has joined the Ranged Attacker roster in Pokémon UNITE. Decidueye evolves from Dartrix, who evolves from Rowlet, and has multiple abilities that assist in slowing down enemy Pokémon.

Pokémon UNITE: Best Decidueye Builds

Decidueye’s main role in this build is to attack opposing Pokémon from a distance, while assisting teammates. The best Lane would be the Jungle, but if a teammate has already called dibs on it, then any other Lane will do.

Use Decidueye’s Shadow Sneak move to attack while fleeing from enemies, as it will decrease their speed and defense. It’s an awesome move to assist and protect teammates while they’re heading toward the goal for a big score.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Moves Set

  • Leafage (Lvl. 1)
    • Throws sharp leaves at opposing Pokemon, dealing damage and decreasing their movement speed.
  • Spirit Shackle (Lvl. 7)
    • Charges up power, before shooting quills in a designated direction. If charged to the max, it will stitch enemy Pokémon’s shadow to the ground and decreases their movement speed.
  • Shadow Sneak (Lvl. 8)
    • Forms a shadow that holds enemy Pokémon in the moves area of effect, while dealing damage and decreases their movement speed and defense.
  • Nock Nock (Lvl. 9 Unite Move)
    • Shoots damage-dealing quills in a designated direction and finalizes the attack with a large quill that deals massive damage to all opposing Pokémon that are hit. If the enemy’s HP is low, Nock Nock deals increasing damage, while Decidueye is immune to any attacks.

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Held Items

  • Muscle Band
    • Increases basic attack damage
  • Focus Band
    • Continually restores the Pokémon’s HP for a short time when the Pokémon drops to low HP
  • Buddy Barrier
    • Grants a shield to the Pokémon and to nearby allies with the lowest HP when the Pokémon uses its Unite Move

Battle Item

  • Eject Button
    • Quickly moves the players’ Pokémon in the designated direction

Focus Band assists with those intense fights against strong enemy Pokémon and Muscle Band deals crazy damage, leaving little room to improve or increase this already powerful build. Players can switch up the build with Decidueye’s move Razor Claw instead of Spirit Shackle, which will increase Decidueye’s attack and basic attack speed and allow the Pokémon to target multiple enemies.

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