For January, Pokémon Go will put Spheal, the Clap Pokémon, in the spotlight. To get all the information you need to know about the event ahead of time, check out everything below!

Spheal Community Day


No matter where you are, the event lasts from 11am to 5pm local time on Jan. 16, 2021. This means that people living on the Eastern part of the world will begin the event several hours sooner than people living on the Western side. However, it also means the event ends sooner for them!

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The following list outlines all the bonuses that apply during the event’s timeframe.

  • Spheal appears more often in the wild
  • Any Sealeo evolved into a Walrein during the event automatically knows the fast attack Powder Snow and charged attack Icicle Spear
  • 3-hour Lure & Incense
  • 3x Catch XP
  • One free shop bundle containing 30 Ultra Balls
  • One time purchase Community Day Box (1280 PokéCoins) contains:
    • 50 Ultra Balls
    • Five Super Incubators
    • Five Lucky Eggs
    • One Elite Charged TM

Timed Research Tasks

There will be a Special Research titled The Spheal Deal available for $1 USD that features special tasks and bonus rewards. There is no additional information known about the special research, but as soon as we know, we’ll have a guide for it!

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The task list and rewards change fairly often! You can check them out here on our guide for All Pokémon Go Field Research Tasks, Rewards, & Encounters.

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