Giovanni has come back to cause trouble in Pokémon Go, and he has brought with him some of the strongest Pokémon and perhaps the toughest non-PvP battle in the game. One of the newer Pokémon in his lineup is the powerful Pincer Pokémon: Kingler!

Battle Guide


  • Type: Water
  • Weak Against: Electric, Grass
  • Resistant Against: Fire, Ice, Steel, Water
  • Notes
    • Electric is the best Pokémon type to use against Kingler since it is also strong against Lugia, another one of Giovanni’s Pokémon. Players should avoid Grass Pokémon, as they are vulnerable to other Pokémon in his lineup.

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Because Mega Pokémon are rarely used, we opted not to include them in the list of the best counters.

PokémonFast AttackCharge Attack
ZekromCharge BeamWild Charge
ThundurusVolt SwitchThunderbolt
ElectivireThundershockWild Charge
RaikouThundershockWild Charge
MagnezoneSparkWild Charge

If you’re here because you’re going against Giovanni’s Kingler, be sure to check out our complete Guide to beat Giovanni to see which counters to use for all his Pokémon!

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