Apex Shadow Lugia and Ho-Oh are new versions of the Legendary Pokémon that can be caught by completing the Masterwork Research questline. This questline is unlocked by completing the Johto Tour’s Special Research story.

The Johto Tour is a special event coming Feb. 26 that does require a ticket to be purchased to participate in the Special Research. Players can purchase a ticket to the event in the Pokémon Go item shop for $12 or the regional equivalent. The Johto Tour kicks off on Feb. 26 and runs from 9 am to 9 pm local time.

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For players who purchase tickets, you will get a choice between Gold and Silver versions of the event, which affects what Pokémon can be found. This does not affect being able to catch Lugia and Ho-Oh, so it is up to player preference. Once the Johto Tour Special Research is complete, players will unlock the Masterwork Research, which leads to the Legendary Pokémon encounters.

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The Shadow Apex versions of Lugia and Ho-Oh are very powerful and have a devastating charged attack. If players are able to catch them, the Pokémon can be purified like normal Shadow Pokémon. However, when purified, Shadow Apex Pokémon gain an even more powerful Signature Attack. By catching Lugia and Ho-Oh, players will have two extremely powerful charged attacks. The charged attacks from Shadow Apex Pokémon are exceptionally helpful against gyms and raids.

The Masterwork Research is not timed, so players do not have to worry about missing out on catching the Legendary Pokémon. Just make sure to complete the Johto Tour Special Research to unlock the quest.

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