Every week, a Pokémon is featured on Tuesday evening for a Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour. During this hour, players will see large amounts of the featured Pokémon in the wild and will have a chance to stock up on candies of that Pokémon. This week’s Spotlight Hour features Gastly, and here is everything you need to know!

Date and Time: The Gastly Spotlight Hour will be hosted on Tuesday Oct. 12, 2021. It will be from 6pm to 7pm local time. This means that no matter where you are in the world, the spotlight hour will be during that time frame for you.

Features and Bonuses: There will be an increased spawn rate of Gastly in the wild. The bonus for this event is 2x Catch Stardust. Every time you catch a Pokémon during the event timeframe, you will get twice as much Stardust as you would normally get!

Future Spotlight Hours: There are two more Spotlight Hours this month. Gothita will be featured on Oct. 19, and Murkrow will be featured on Oct. 26. Drifloon was featured on Oct. 5.

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