When it came out, Pokemon GO took the world by storm. Augmented reality combined with Pokemons is bound for lots of fun, whether you play solo or with other Trainers. Playing in the company of others is more fun and gives you more experience points and raid bonuses.

But sometimes, your friends are busy, and you need help. That’s where Pokemon GO Friend codes come into play. Each Trainer has a unique 12-digit Trainer Code and a related QR code. Friend codes will help you find new players to help you in trade and fighting enemies.

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Pokemon GO Friend Codes List

Working Pokemon GO Friend Codes

These are active Pokemon GO Friend codes.

  • 5651 0933 2220
  • 2797 6980 4724
  • 9771 8685 4416
  • 1278 3051 7735
  • 3895 5203 6014
  • 8824 3617 0690
  • 4654 1185 1994
  • 7726 7406 0871
  • 7075 9009 5203
  • 5104 6383 6639
  • 9725 9615 3800
  • 8600 3237 3311
  • 1229 1652 4808
  • 0442 1643 0898
  • 7558 5616 6525

Pokemon GO FAQ

Here’s everything you need to know regarding Pokemon GO Friend codes.

How to add a player as a friend in Pokemon GO?

You can enter your new Pokemon GO Friend code in a few easy steps.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes activation
Image via Niantic
  1. In Map View, press the Trainer profile picture in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. When the new window opens, press the Friends tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Press the Add Friend button.
  4. Enter the Pokemon GO Friend Code of the person you’d like to send a Friend Request to.

You can also add friends by scanning their QR codes. To do that, press the QR Code tab on the top corner to open your camera and scan your new friend’s QR Code.

How to find your own Friend Code in Pokemon GO

To share your Friend code with other players, you must first find it in the Pokemon GO game.

Pokemon Go gameplay
Image via Niantic
  1. In the Map view, press the Trainer profile picture in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. When the new window opens, press the Friends tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Press the Add Friends button.
  4. Here you’ll see your Pokemon GO Friend code.
  5. Now you can share your code via the Share my Trainer Code option or by copying the code and sharing it via social networks. Here you’ll also find your QR Code to share with others.

How to make new friends in Pokemon GO?

Check out this page often as we will expand the list of Pokemon GO Friend codes. You can also find new friends on social networks like Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and Facebook. As the Pokemon GO game combines the virtual and real world, don’t disclose personal information that someone can use for malicious purposes. That said, finding buddies via Friend codes to play will help you enjoy the game even more!

Why aren’t Pokemon GO Friend Codes working?

Keep in mind that you can have a maximum of 400 friends. So if you’ve reached the limit, you’ll have to say goodbye to some friends to welcome new ones. You can clear your friend list simply by going to the Friends tab, choosing a player, and pressing the Remove Friend button. If the Friend code doesn’t work, maybe the Trainer you’re trying to connect to has changed its code. Also, if your Friend request is not approved after seven days, it will expire.

How to change my Pokemon GO Trainer Code?

Just as other Trainers out there, you can also change your Pokemon GO Friend Code if you want.

  1. Go to the My Trainer Code section, where your existing code is listed.
  2. Press the Refresh/Reload button (on the right side of the Copy my Trainer Code option).
  3. Confirm by pressing the Change My Code button.

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality mobile game that uses GPS to help you play with Pokemons in real-life surroundings. It’s one of the most successful games in history, with millions of people playing it daily. Pokemon GO is meant to be played outside, as your surroundings dictate where the Pokemons are hidden.

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