Our Plague Inc. Prion Guide will walk you through exactly how-to beat the prion plague on normal. This can be slightly difficult, especially because countries seem to have an easier time developing a cure for the prion. However, our guide will get you through it and have you on the way to victory.

How-to Beat Prion in Plague Inc.

Step 0: Devolve Any Symptoms You Gain

Sometimes you will gain symptoms as you play the game, you will want to devolve these so they don’t make the prion as obvious to find. We’re not looking to kill people right away, the idea is to infect everyone first, and then ramp up the symptoms. A bit of a tip is to not close the pop up, and immediately jump to the Symptoms menu and devolve it. The popup pauses the game, so there’s no time for the symptom to have been active.

Step 1: Start Your Prion in India

To start us off, we’re going to need to place our future deadly prion into India!

Step 2: Upgrade Transmissions: Air 1 & Water 1, Upgrade Ability: Cold Resistance 1

You’ll need to save up about 30 or so DNA points to unlock all of these. Once you have the points, you can start upgrading your ability to transmit the prion to people. We’ll also want to start up our resistance to cold, so upgrade to Cold Resistance 1 in the Ability section.

Step 3: Upgrade Ability: Heat Resistance 1 & Neural Atrophy 1

You’ll need about 15 – 20 DNA Points to upgrade these abilities. Heat Resistance will give us an easier time spreading in the hotter areas on the map, and Neural Atrophy will help make noticing the disease more difficult.

Step 4: Upgrade Ability: Drug Resistance 1

If we want to start infecting more of the richer nations, then we’re going to need upgrade our Drug Resistance! You’ll need about 15 points or so to get this ability.

At around this point, it’s likely your prion will start mutating some symptoms. Be sure to devolve them as soon as possible, or countries might start looking for a cure!

Step 5: Upgrade Transmissions: Air 2 & Water 2

You’ll need about 35 DNA Points for these both to be upgraded. We’re looking to spread the prion further now, these will help with this.

Step 6: Upgrade Ability: Cold Resistance 2

Time to get us into the colder climates with this upgrade. It’s going to cost us about 15 or so DNA points, so make sure to save up and grab this.

Step 7: Wait…

We should pretty much be on our way to infecting the whole planet at this point. Just hold onto your DNA Points, we’re going to be dumping a lot of them once we get everyone inflicted with our prion. Once you get the “There are no health people left in the world” message…

Step 9: Upgrade Symptoms: Coughing, Sneezing, Immune Suppression, Total Orange Failure, & Coma

Time to turn the prion into a killer. We’ll want to do this all at once, you should have enough DNA Points to upgrade all of the listed options, but if not you can devolve the transmission abilities for some extra points.

Step 10: Watch the Cure – Upgrade Ability: Genetic Hardening 1, Use Genetic ReShuffles

People will start dying at an alarming rate, so the cure is going to start being researched. Make sure to start popping all of the blue bubbles, and at around 70% you can do a Genetic ReShuffle to drop the cure back down. At 80% you can go ahead and do another Genetic ReShuffle. Finally, you can do another one at 90% but it’s likely that you’ve killed enough people to outrun the cure at this point!

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