Phasmophobia is an amazingly terrifying game, especially now when the ghosts have become a lot smarter! Once upon a time, ghost hunters thought they were safe, alas not anymore!

Phasmophobia What to do When you are Dead

In Phasmophobia, there wasn’t much to do when you were dead, until now, as in the last update, dead people can interact with non-equipment objects! It might not be much, but you can throw around most of the contents of the kitchen in a rage!

There are multiple ways you can use this newfound skill, depending on how serious your teammates are. If you are dead, then you are no doubt quite far into the hunt, or you decided to swear at the ghost to make it angry incredibly fast, and in turn, you got murdered!

Once again, depending on several factors, aka your teammates, you can now grab and throw objects when you are dead. This can be used to fake ghost activity, so teammates focus entirely on the wrong room if you are early on in the hunt. Or if your teammates don’t realize that you are dead, you can bring them gifts back to the truck. Leave a kitchen knife on the floor of the truck, and sit back and howl with laughter as they panic, especially if they don’t realize that dead people can now move objects.

If you are playing with friends, why not decorate the truck with random objects found throughout the house? Who needs ghost hunting equipment when you have the entire contents of the kitchen?!?

It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s better than before when you could do nothing. Sure, you have better dark-vision; you can basically be a scout for your team, as you can see clearly in the Ghost Book, see fingerprints, etc. If you are speaking in a Discord chat, you can inform your team. Though that does spoil the fun somewhat, play it how you wish!

Phasmophobia is still in early access, but it’s getting a constant stream of updates, and if you are following our future updates guide, we are trying to keep it up to date, so you know what’s coming! Also, check out patch notes for the latest update; we are also keeping track of that!

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