Phasmophobia is a game for those with nerves of steel and a taste for danger. Stepping into the shoes of a ghost hunter, it’s your job to track down and identify the particular spirit that is haunting a location. With a large variety of ghosts and maps to choose from, there is a very high level of replayability. However, one map, Sunny Meadows, shows up twice. Why is that?

What is the Sunny Meadows map in Phasmophobia?

With the Apocalypse update for Phasmophobia, the Asylum map has been restructured and now comes in two flavors. There is Sunny Meadows and Sunny Meadows Restricted. Sunny Meadows is the full version of the map whereas Sunny Meadows Restricted is a portion of the larger map. The full map will be displayed for Sunny Meadows Restricted, but doors and sections will be locked, barring further access.

Asylum was the largest map in Phasmophobia prior to the update. This large size made it difficult for smaller teams and solo hunters. With this redesign, players can get a taste of the haunted asylum without having to deal with the headache that is the larger map. Players can also use the Restricted map to get used to the “new” map. Overall, it’s a smart design decision on the part of Kinetic Games. Just make sure you come back from the hunt in one piece.

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