Another solid weapon added to Destiny during the 30th Anniversary pack, and one that is worth adding to your collection would be the Pardon Our Dust Grenade Launcher. Reminiscent of the grenade launcher from the Halo series, this kinetic weapon is a single-shot, breechloading grenade launcher that can be used for a variety of situations.

And this is of course reliant on the weapon perks that roll with the weapon. These kinds of grenade launchers are versatile and deadly but vary in player need, both in PvE and PvP. Here are some god rolls for this weapon and a few additional perks that can help.

PvE God Roll

  • Linear Compensator, Smart Drift Control
  • Blinding Grenades, Spike Grenades
  • Auto Loading Holster, Ambitious Assassin
  • Demolitionist, Vorpal Weapon, Adrenaline Junkie

Any of these perks in each slot would be a really good roll for PvE activities. Ambitious Assassin gives you an extra round when you get a kill, while Adrenaline Junkie just increases the damage after you do damage with the weapon. And of course, Vorpal Weapon will always be your best friend in higher-level PvE content.

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PvP God Roll

  • Quick Launch, Volatile Launch, Confined Launch
  • Blinding Grenades, Proximity Grenades
  • Auto-loading Holster, Perpetual Motion
  • Demolitionist

This weapon doesn’t get very much use in PvP activities due to its more useful PvE perks. However, many of the perks could easily cross between activities. For example, Auto-Loading Holster is good no matter what you are playing and Demolitionist can be very helpful in the Crucible. Also, Blinding Grenades are great for blinding enemy guardians and taking them out quickly with another weapon.

It may not be a super popular weapon or even the best breechloading grenade launcher, but with the right perks, it will serve you well.

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