Just as Blizzard is turning off their Overwatch 2 Beta servers, they have announced the next event coming to the first game. It is known as Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2, and it is quite similar to the first Anniversary Remix, featuring new skins and remixed challenges. Here are all of the details for the event that begins today!

Everything to know about Overwatch’s Anniversary Remix Vol. 2

How long is Anniversary Remix Vol. 2?

Anniversary Remix Vol. 2 went live in Overwatch at 11am PT / 2pm ET on May 17, 2022. The event will remain active in-game for three weeks and will conclude at 11am PT / 2pm ET on June 7, 2022. This gives players plenty of time to secure the new remixed skins that have been added to the game, as well as complete the three Weekly Challenge Rewinds.

All new skins in Anniversary Remix Vol.2

The Anniversary Remix events typically take some of the older Legendary skins and remix them with new colors to create a new and unique skin. In Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2, there are six new remixed skins that have been added to the game. Below are all of those skins:

  • Night Owl (Ana) – This is a remix of Ana’s popular Snow Owl skin. This replaces the blue and whites for blacks and purples.
  • Dark Wolf (Hanzo) – This is a remix of Hanzo’s Okami skin. Sport a pale white skin tone with black and red coverings instead of his typical skin tone with white and yellow coverings.
  • Poison Dart (Lucio) – This is a remix of Lucio’s RIbbit skin. Lucio rocks a mostly bright blue color instead of silver.
  • Noxious (Roadhog) – This is a remix of Roadhog’s Toxic skin. Although, instead of a mostly green and orange color palette, he wears mostly purple, gray, and copper.
  • Neon Cat (Sombra) – This is a remix of Sombra’s Black Cat skin. This time, she sports a bright white and pink instead of dark purple and black.
  • Hydra (Symmetra) – This is a remix of Symmetra’s beloved Dragon skin. This changes the colors to various blues and greens instead of oranges and purples.

What is Weekly Challenge Rewind?

Weekly Challenge Rewind features the return of a few fan-favorite weekly challenges. As part of the Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2, there will be three weekly challenges returning. The first week will bring back Dr. Ziegler Mercy, the second week will bring Mardi Gras Ashe, and the final week delivers Maestro Sigma. For those players who were unable to get these skins during their original challenges, you will once again have the chance to claim them.

So there you have it, that is everything there is to know about the Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2. As always, all other event skins are available to purchase with credits during the Anniversary event, so make sure to purchase any you missed and collect all of the new remixed skins.

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