To the frustration of its players, Overwatch 2 has experienced a rocky launch, distributing error codes in multitudes. Whether it’s the “Failed to connect to game server” error, or the long queue times, once you finally get into the game, it may seem as if everything has been solved. However, there is an abundant error where almost every hero in your Hero Gallery becomes locked. Here’s how to fix this missing hero error.

How do you fix the missing hero error?

To fix this error, try switching regions on the launcher, by selecting the globe-shaped icon next to the “play” button. In this dropdown menu, pick a region you are not currently in, then try relaunching Overwatch 2. After this step, quit Overwatch 2, then switch back to your actual region. Upon launching the game, you may find your list of heroes is restored.

This error generally occurs for Overwatch 1 players who inherited the full list of heroes. This error can be caused by initially switching regions, perhaps to find out whether queue times are shorter. Although it can be disconcerting to temporarily lose your heroes, returning to your original region typically fixes the issue.

Are the heroes free to unlock?

If you log into Overwatch 2 with the account you used for the first game, all heroes should be unlocked in the Hero Gallery. However, if you are new to Overwatch, you can unlock characters for free by playing matches. According to a news post by Blizzard, new players will unlock the entire hero roster after “approximately 100 matches.” Even so, beginner players have access to a small pool of heroes they can play freely in the meantime.

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